Getting a reputation for customer service is a great way to keep and build business.  It sounds like an easy thing to do, but in the rush to automation and making sales online, it is easy to forget about the basics.

Here are some ways you can increase customer focus:

  1. Go old school for customer relations – That means ringing customers and meeting the most important ones.  In a contest against many similar image sellers, customers will often give preference to people they like and know.
  2. Keep the client aware of the latest and best at every turn – Whether that’s by a phone call, an email, website banner, social media or other means, remove the pressure of customers having to find the good stuff – make it easy and reduce their stress levels.  They’ll thank you for it.
  3. In direct feeds, reduce the amount customers have to wade through – Edit the feeds sent in via FTP or other means.  Make them concise and relevant, so it is a pleasure for customers to look at what you’ve sent, rather than wading through a lot of irrelevant images sent by competitors.
  4. Do the research for your customers – With so many subscription deals and other automated systems, often the biggest cost faced by customers is the time spent finding what they need.  Take that cost away by doing the research for them.  You can also do presearch – finding images to match the news ahead of time.
  5. Go 24/7 – The more convenient your service is to access, the better.

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