Picsell’s high-quality image keywording in English

helps your images and videos stand out, making

them easier for customers to find and buy. Use our

30 years in the image business to get you ahead.

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Stock Keywording

Major image keywording standards are catered for, including Getty and Alamy.  We can also help with ranking and editing large collections to maximise sales.

Editorial Keywording

Editorial image keywording is its own special skill. Years of experience working with celebrity, news and reportage images and videos give our team the edge.

Image Triage

Feeling overwhelmed? Our team can triage your archive, prioritising the good, the bad and the ugly so they’re keyworded at the right level and cost.


Get a free sample of 100 images, keyworded to the standard of your choice, & find out how we can take your image searchability to the next level.

Affordable Quality

If you’re not sure what keywording you need, have had bad experiences with cheap keywording, or think you should do more to make your images and videos findable, you’ve come to the right place. We deliver high-quality English-language keywording.

We focus on image keywording solutions for all types of businesses and organisations needing their images, videos and products to be more searchable within their own systems or via third-party sellers such as Getty and Alamy.  As well as image libraries, we work with archives, retailers and not-for-profits – even the United Nations.

One of our specialties is taking on archives with poor or no keywording, including those keyworded with crowdsourcing or AI, and making them the assets they should be. We can manage the projects and budgets by triaging the images/videos so that the best and most important assets get the highest level of keywording. We also have budget options for adding small numbers of crucial keywords.


Picsell Media was started as an off-shoot of an image library and photo agency in 2005. Today we specialise in image keywording alone, working with major names from the stock photo library and archive sectors.


We have a policy of hiring native English speakers with a background in media and photography. No crowdsourcing or piece workers. Our main team is based in Cape Town SA, with admin in Auckland NZ. 



We’ve developed keywording vocabularies and systems to handle the major standards, including Getty and Alamy. We also have extensive experience with Orange Logic’s Cortex system.


Getty Images Keywording

Image keywording to the Getty
standard, including spot QC.
$200 per mth min spend

per image USD

Alamy Super Tags Keywording

Image keywording, including Super Tags, returned in spreadsheet. Spot QC.
$300 per mth min spend

per image USD

Keywording with Orange Logic

Image keywording within the Orange
Logic Cortex system. Spot QC.
$300 per mth min spend

per image USD

Economy/Archive Keywording

5-10 best keywords per image.
Spot QC. Image Triage extra.
$400 per mth min spend

per image USD

Even More..

Have your own image keywording standard, need keywording for video clips, want advice on how to implement a metadata system, or need help sorting out your controlled vocabulary?

Picsell Media has expertise in all those areas and more.  We can develop a specific quote for a service that meets your needs, including consultancy and hands-on metadata work.

We can even help you work out a budget-focused plan that will increase your sales through better search, without breaking the bank.

Simply The Best

Picsell Media has worked with some of the biggest names in the business. Here are some of our hall-of-famers.