Slide 1 - Take The Wheel
Take The Wheel

It's time to drive your image
business in a better direction
with outsourcing

Slide 2 - Budgets
Stop Runaway Budgets

Work to fixed prices
No overtime or holiday pay
Save on management cost

Slide 3 - Make New Sales
Make New Sales

Effective, accurate keywording
Identifying brands for direct sales
Sales alerts and promos delivered daily
Special collections sparking buyer interest
Consistent, targeted social media

Slide 4 - Operations
More Speed, Less Stress

Images and video sent out 24/7
No worries about staff calling in sick
Training and recruitment done for you

Slide 5 - Focus
Refocus On What Matters

Concentrate on building your
business with minimal
day-to-day distractions

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Time To Get Moving

Find out how Picsell Media
can help you get places

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Say Goodbye To Sleepless Nights

Try our 24/7 editing service and make more money over night

If you’re anxious about getting production out on time, with images looking their best – you can stop worrying.  Our editors can get the job done for you around the clock.

What We Do

With a rich heritage in the image syndication business, Picsell Media has the expertise and experience to deliver a wide range of outsourcing services for the image industry – from keywording to sales promotion, even AI search. A 24/7 picture desk operates from offices in Auckland and Cape Town.  MORE ABOUT OUR SERVICES


All the major keywording standards are catered for, including Getty and Adobe.  We can also help with ranking and editing large collections to maximise sales.


Whether it’s a deluge of event pics, getting the newest candid sets out ASAP, or sending sales alerts, we know the pressures and wrote the book on coping.

News & Sport

Getting images to market quickly is hugely important, as is making the most of news archives.  We can help with delivery, editing, keywording and even scanning.

Are You (Still) Paying Too Much For Keywording?

Value for money is the primary concern for image libraries outsourcing keywording services. That starts with making sure that the price per image is reasonable in comparison to the service quality. To find out how your current keywording compares, just fill in the accompanying form and we’ll get back to you if we’re able to offer a better deal.

Potential customers have been surprised to find that Picsell Media’s superior-quality keywording also comes at a very reasonable price, and many have seen their costs reduced, some by as much as 40%.

With regards to quality, all keywording is carried out by Picsell Media-trained staff in offices in Auckland and Cape Town – no out-workers or sub-contractors being paid piece rates. Almost all staff members have degrees in English, History, Art History or Communications.

Keywording Cost Savings

How much are you paying? Let's see if we can do better.

Innovative Ideas

Picsell Media prides itself on meeting the needs of its customers, here are the newest services to give you the competitive edge and make life easier.

Save On Keywording

Save money and get budget control by subscribing on an images-per-month basis.  The first month is free for 12 month advanced subscriptions. MORE


Production Dashboard

Get real-time access to see progress on your keywording batches. No more wasting time emailing and asking. MORE

Presearch For More Sales

Create searches and story ideas that clients want, to attract buyers.  Save them time, and win their business. MORE

Premium Sales Collections

Earn more with a premium offering for customers willing to pay more.  Don’t be hamstrung by one-price-fits-all. MORE

Working With The Best

Picsell Media has a single-minded goal – to help image and video companies make the most of the world of digital images by providing the outsourced services that put them in control. With a reputation for efficiency, quality and integrity it’s no accident that we’ve worked for some of the biggest names in the business. Our customer hall of fame includes:



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