Stand out in the image market

Affordable keywording

Affordable Keywording

We’ve keyworded millions of stock and editorial images, working for Getty, Corbis, AP and more. Get detailed keywords with concepts and moods, not low-value generic terms. All for well under a dollar per image. Every major standard provided, including Getty and Adobe.

Picture Desk 24/7

Get images to market without the hassle. We have the staff and systems to deal with the myriad of problems that occur when photographers upload in the heat of battle. The team in Auckland, Cape Town and London keeps the worlds biggest news and pap agencies ticking.

Artificial intelligence can improve your image business

Artificial Intelligence

Get the AI Learning Search system which increases online sales by 20% on average.  It learns customer preferences and what’s in the news to deliver exactly what buyers want. Or use AI to easily ID celebs and other personalities with NameFace facial recognition.

Here's what we can do for you... and more

With a rich heritage in the image syndication business, Picsell Media has the expertise and experience to deliver a wide range of services – everything from keywording to image sales promotion and AI search. The combination of these services allows Picsell Media to offer a 24/7 picture desk from production offices in Auckland and Cape Town. Other services can be offered in the same time frame.  Staff are all tertiary trained with excellent celebrity, news and stock knowledge.

Earn brand revenue from your images

Earn Brand Revenue

Expand revenue streams by utilising the brands in your images and videos, including clothing, accessories, vehicles, baby products, sports equipment and more. We can identify, organise and market the results to help your bottom line. You pay only for what’s found or sold.

Promote image sales

Promote Sales

Get images and videos marketed efficiently with targeted sales activity through multiple channels. These include edited image feeds, sales alerts, web site updates, social media posts and even image research services. All delivered by a world-wide team around the clock.

Scan and monetize images

Scan & Monetise

Your archive can be turned into a money-maker, whether its stored as artworks, posters, books, documents, prints, slides or in digital form. We can organise the scanning (on or off site), metadata input, keywording, sales promotion, plus the software to make it happen.

How many images have we edited, colour corrected and/or keyworded?

In the Past Week

In the Past Year

Since 2006

Solutions for the world’s best

Picsell Media has a single-minded goal – to help image and video companies make the most of the world of digital images, by standing out from the crowd in terms of performance and meeting customer needs.

With a reputation for innovation, quality and integrity, it’s no accident that we work for some of the biggest names in the business.  Our customer hall of fame includes Getty Images, Splash News, Sony Entertainment, Associated Press and NBC Universal.

With offices in Auckland and Cape Town, and representatives in London and New York, Picsell Media spans the time zones.  With a background in image syndication and journalism, we have a unique insight into the problems faced by the industry.

With economic pressure on everyone in the image business, it is easy to adopt a siege mentality, clinging to old practices, sacking staff, and hoping for the best.

The businesses that are successful embrace change, and realise that efficiency and quality are the hallmarks of a great outsourcing company.  Picsell Media is constantly looking for new ways to innovate and make customers more money.

All you have to do is take the first step – to find out more about how we can help.

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Learning Lessons From Smart Retail

Interested in boosting image sales by 20%? That's exactly the sort of thing smart retail is achieving for online sales - the same can be done for photo and video libraries. Companies in the image licensing...

Make Your Hero Images Super

The hero image - the representative first image that customers see when looking through sets - is vital to promoting sales.  Here's how to make hero images into superheroes: Make picking hero...

Helping Avoid the Production Squeeze

As the number of images being filed continues to grow, many photo agencies are facing a production squeeze - too many images, not enough time to process them. That means metadata is skimpy,...

The Smart Way To Use AI For Images

There is a wave of enthusiasm for artificial intelligence which is engulfing the image business. All the promos sound incredible - yet the reality is somewhat different - if you don't know how to make the...

A Brand New Approach

Imagine a service that brings together photo agencies, PR companies, retailers and publishers to create the revenue streams from brands appearing in celebrity images - the revenue streams so often promised,...

Taxonomy Too Taxing?

Creating a great taxonomy for keywording is a never-ending job.  Just when you think you've got your vocab perfect - along comes another word, and another, and another. You'd think that by now there would be...

The Angel Is In The Detail

Running a successful photo business is seen to be mostly about getting the right photographers, and good marketing. To make the most of those it's important to get all the little things right.  The angel (or...

Putting The Customer First

Getting a reputation for customer service is a great way to keep and build business.  It sounds like an easy thing to do, but in the rush to automation and making sales online, it is easy to forget about the...

Re-assess Staffing Every Season to Stay On Top

With the change of season just around the corner, it's a good time to do a thorough assessment of your staff, and staffing generally. Looking at employee performance at the beginning of each new season is a...

Outsource or Inhouse – What’s Best for Brands?

To identify brand items in celebrity images, it is tempting to make it an extra task that can be added to the duties of existing staff. In practice this almost never works - but outsourcing can solve the...

Reclaim The Night (Sales)

The best time for promoting imagery, is all the time. So if you're not doing it yet, get ready to go 24/7. It is a rare thing for a photo agency to work around the clock, except for the largest players in the...

Does Your Brand Yield Measure Up?

If asked how many brands could be identified in their images, it is doubtful many photo/news agency managers would be able to give anything like an accurate answer. Such a total is based on two important...

Old School Techniques for New Sales

When the CD came along, the vinyl LP was considered as relevant as the wax cylinder of Edison’s day. Yet in the year 2017, CDs are on their way out, and vinyl is having a resurgence. Could it be that photo...

Brand Meets Bib

Sports bib keywording - identifying participants in marathons etc - provides new opportunities for monetising images by recording the brands appearing in them. Here are a few ways such information can be...

Get Your Pictures Out Of Hiding

Although no one intends to hide images from their customers, it's amazing what lengths people inadvertently go to achieving that outcome by mistake.  Here are some classic errors, and how to avoid them.  Hide...

Losing Focus With Your Image Feeds?

Sending too many images to prospective buyers is a cardinal sin, but often one that is committed due to lack of staff and time.  How do we know a Focused Feed of images - edited down to meet the target...

Brand Info – Find It to Protect It

Huge numbers of celebrity images contain brand information, even if the photographer and their agents don't realise.  The question isn't so much if it can be found (it can) but who will benefit from those...

New Year, New Ideas

As image and news agencies get to grips with the challenges of the new year, here are a few ideas about things you could change to make life easier, and improve sales: Curate to improve performance - Spewing...

You Choose – the Hard Way, or the Easy Way

It's one of the oldest lines in the book: "we can do this the hard way, or the easy way - your choice".  The astonishing thing is how often people opt for the hard way and suffer the consequences.   But...

Consider These Image Library Software Partners

Picsell Media uses software from some of the biggest and best providers, working in and on their systems to deliver efficient results when entering metadata and managing image flow.  Here are three providers...

Getting Started With Outsourcing

Whilst many image agencies see the benefits of outsourcing photo desk work in terms of improved performance, cost control and allowing better focus on core business, it is another matter to get started on...

Helping Image Libraries Increase Social Media Use

We recently updated our customer relations management system (CRM) and found some interesting trends in use of social media by photo agencies since our last big roundup six months ago.  More agencies are...

Image Galleries Sales Opportunity

The duplication of effort involved in preparing galleries of celebrity and news images for blogs and web sites presents a sales opportunity for switched on photo agencies. The size of that opportunity was...

Mixing Your Deadlines To Maximise Cash

Being first with the news isn't always best, as deadlines become more and more complex amongst the many forms of publications, both physical and electronic.  Working out the right mix of delivery deadlines...

Targeting Image Feeds For Sub Agents and Resellers

Poor targeting of image feeds sent to sub-agents and resellers can be costly, but there are ways of avoiding that mistake. With photo and news agencies having complex webs of sellers throughout the world, it...