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More than a decade of experience has given an insight into the problems faced by companies in the image industry, enabling us to create consistent and efficient outsourcing solutions.

All major standards covered, including Getty. The Picsell team is experienced in both commercial stock and editorial.
Picture Desk
Images edited, colour corrected and metadata fixed 24/7 by teams in Auckland and Cape Town.
Brand Identification/Keywording
Brand identification of fashion, jewellery, sports gear and many other items.  Ideal for creating sales to PR.
Sales Promotions
Includes sales alerts to customers, focused feeds to edit out inferior content, and updating websites.
Editing And Ranking
Quality rankings carried out to enable better searching, plus creating premium content to earn higher license fees.
Social Media Updates
Updating of all major social media platforms to showcase images, boost sales and aid photographer recruitment.
Scanning And Adding Metadata
Monetising archives by arranging high-quality scanning, adding metadata and keywords.
Learning Search
Using artificial intelligence to monitor buyer needs and automatically adjust the offering to maximise sales.

Customer-Driven Solutions

Give us a problem and we’ll work out a way to solve it. Here are some answers developed as a result of customer demand.

Subscription Keywording
Get The First Month Free

Controlling keywording costs is a common theme amongst image libraries. While from the keywording provider’s side it’s difficult to keep costs low when monthly production levels are uncertain.

Subscription Keywording resolves that problem by a mutual commitment to a minimum production level each month which ensures an extra-low keywording price – significantly lower than the per-image price for “a la carte” batches. Image libraries get the bonus of being able to budget a set amount per month. Images above the subscription level are charged at standard rates.

To get the discount subscription rate, customers sign up for a nominated monthly production level over a period of six months or a year, paying for that work in equal monthly instalments. There are further discounts if the whole subscription is paid in advance. For the 12-month advanced subscription, the first month is free.

Production Dashboard
Free Real-time Info

When managing a keywording project it’s important to know how far along each batch is. It enables image libraries to know when their next collections are going to be available to customers and when contributors will be able to start earning money from their contributions. That process has just got a lot easier.

Normally, when batches are submitted to a keywording company a game of “are we there yet?” ensues as the library endeavours to find out the latest news.  As well as wasting time, information is often less than accurate or difficult to understand.

The Production Dashboard, linked to our project management software, gives information about progress as it happens with dials showing the completion percentage for each batch, plus relevant notes – and it’s totally free.  Each customer gets a secure login to view the information via the Picsell Media web site.

Presearch For More Sales
Become Indispensable

Making sales of non-exclusive images is a problem faced by all editorial image agencies. With a flooded market how can any library get ahead?  It’s even more so now subscription deals are common.

The answer is to make the library’s images more attractive by saving customers the time they would otherwise spend coming up with feature ideas and doing research. In many instances, the cost of finding images is the biggest single cost for a subscription. In eliminating that stress, time and cost you’ll become the photo editors’ best friend and they’ll become even better customers.

Picsell Media researchers can edit down sets of red carpet and candid images to give customers just what they want.  And they can create feature sets such as make-up and clothing trends, stars taking their children to the movies, and many more. With a 24/7 service, the presearched production can be ready when image buyers get in.

Premium Sales Collections
Earn Higher Fees Now

When image libraries go super-size, or even just large, the average quality of the imagery may reduce the ability to charge the highest-possible license fees. But if it’s possible to pull together the very best imagery that really is worth paying extra for, the average image standard can be stopped from weighing on revenue.

That’s where we come in. Picsell keyworders are experienced in ranking images on quality so that they can sift through collections to find the very best pictures. Add high-quality keywording to make those images easy to find and there’s the makings of a great premium collection to attract higher fees.

There are even ways to ensure that the variety of imagery is preserved so that the best images from various sets are found rather than just the best sets, which tends to skew search results. It’s something that some of the big name image libraries are doing, and there’s no reason others can’t do the same.

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