To identify brand items in celebrity images, it is tempting to make it an extra task that can be added to the duties of existing staff. In practice this almost never works – but outsourcing can solve the problem in a cost effective way.

There are multiple reasons why brand keywording doesn’t tend to be a good add-on for existing staff:

  • No keyworders – Increasingly, celebrity photo agencies have no staff doing keywording. So to have brands identified means setting up systems and reassigning people from other duties.
  • Lack of time – Already-overworked keywording staff simply don’t have the hours to be researching and finding brand items, and may not even have time to even add the obvious brands with trademarks in full view.
  • Lack of systems – Identifying brands is not a straightforward procedure.  It needs inherent knowledge, research sources, and links with organisations and people who will feed information. That system takes time and money to set up – something that is almost certainly not economic for each photo agency to do individually.
  • Lack of immersion – If brand identification isn’t their main job, staff simply won’t build up the knowledge and speed to find and enter the data efficiently, compared to people who do the job day in and day out.

In these circumstances, it makes much more sense to outsource brand id keywording. Outsourcing companies such as Picsell Media, have experienced staff with existing optimised systems, and can find brands efficiently.

Even more importantly, the amount paid for finding brands can scale up and down according to the number of images, putting brand identification within the reach of even small celebrity agencies.

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