It’s one of the oldest lines in the book: “we can do this the hard way, or the easy way – your choice”.  The astonishing thing is how often people opt for the hard way and suffer the consequences.  

But having seen all the wrong ways to do things, Picsell Media knows how to find the easy way, and help you reap the rewards of efficiency and better business focus.

Of course what constitutes “the hard way” isn’t always obvious, but having spent a lot of time getting to grips with other people’s metadata and image workflow systems, it normally boils down to them being convoluted, cumbersome, time-consuming, poorly documented and unreliable.

The root cause of all of these problems is that the design of the system tends to be way too complicated.  What leads to that complication is:

  1. Attempts to shoehorn together pieces of software that aren’t really integrated
  2. Use of software for a purpose it wasn’t primarily designed for
  3. No regard for the practicalities of working with the system
  4. Constant “updates” of the system which are really just elaborate and time-consuming workarounds
  5. Capture by software vendors who know little or nothing about the day-to-day work you have to do
  6. A lack of experience in how such systems work, which leaves them being created in isolation, ignorant of best practice and alternative methodology

Picsell Media can help you avoid such mistakes by looking at the system from a user’s perspective, rather than a software seller’s perspective.  Our team has unrivalled experience in what works throughout the industry, which can save you from the pain of trial and error.  And our managers know how to help design a system to meet your needs.

Unfortunately, ease-of-use often only becomes an issue once a system is up and running.  By then, it may be too late to rectify earlier bad choices.  While it is easy as a manager to simply expect the staff to cope, in the end everyone suffers through poor staff retention, costs of having to employ more staff than needed, and lost sales through distribution and other errors which have their origin in the difficulty of the system.

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