We’ve all heard the saying: “feel the fear, and do it anyway”. But that’s definitely one of those that is easier said than done.

Here are some common reasons why photo agency managers/owners tend to put off making necessary changes, and why they might want to look at things a little differently:

  1. No one has complained – It’s hard to prove a negative, but often you hear no complaints because customers have long since given up and voted with their feet.
  2. We’re not sure the changes will be worth it – For large companies, paying people to do feasibility studies is a good way to avoid unnecessary spending. But for smaller companies the most efficient and affordable way to investigate the value of a new idea is to try it, albeit on a limited basis.
  3. It’s not how we do things here – The ultimate cop out. In an ever-changing industry, those who don’t change will fail. Fact.
  4. There could be negative impacts on the staff – That’s a valid point, but if you go out of business there will be much bigger effects than some disruption or the loss of some of the staff. In any event, we’ve seen countless examples where people have been redeployed to new roles which have had a positive impact on business, usually by increasing sales.
  5. No one else is doing it, so why should we? – There’s a little bit of a Catch-22 in this thinking. If others aren’t doing it, there’s some risk. If everybody’s doing it then there’s no unique advantage or innovation.  It’s still better to do something rather than nothing.

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