Making use of celebrity brand associations in images can take many forms.  Producing photo features which can be monetized through their brand associations is a great way of making an impact and using multiple images.

The essential ingredient is to have a strong editorial thread so that the feature seems worthwhile in its own right, rather than being an obvious contrivance.  To that extent, brand image features are similar to product placement in movies.

Here are some ideas of the sort of features that can work:

Single celebrity features – Use images in a feature about a particular celebrity, focusing on a particular activity which lends itself to promoting a brand, such as the stars love of cars, sports they’re involved in, their favourite restaurant and more.

Family features – There are a number of products associated with children and babies, such as baby buggies, backpacks and more, which can come into play when you do stories about a celebrity family.

Multiple celebrity features – These are very well known even from the days when transparencies ruled – stars on bikes, celebrities who love a particular restaurant (the restaurant being the promoted brand) – the list is endless.

Historical features – Take a look at a changing product over time, particularly where the technology, look and/or design have changed in that period.  This can apply to everything from mobile phones to sports equipment.  To avoid this looking too blatant, it can be a good idea to include a few images which are off-brand.

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