Streams of emails between photo desks, photographers and editors can kill efficiency.  Here are some tips to stop burning through the time and money with unnecessary hours spent generating, sending, receiving and responding to email.

Engineer email out of your communication channels – Try to include the relevant information in image metadata, rather than following each set of images with an email which also requires a response. This also avoids crucial information getting lost because it’s not directly attached to the work being carried out.

Use chat where possible – but be careful – For many small communications, chat is more efficient than email, especially when an immediate response is needed. That said, it is important that it doesn’t unravel into social media-style conversations about everything but work.

Cut the unnecessary pleasantries – There’s no need to spend time sending a thank you email or other pleasantries for routine tasks. Such emails waste the time of the writer and the reader.

Cut down mailing lists – These can grow like topsy, inundating people with emails that aren’t relevant. Go through your email lists to make sure everyone on them really needs to know.

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