The best time for promoting imagery, is all the time. So if you’re not doing it yet, get ready to go 24/7.

It is a rare thing for a photo agency to work around the clock, except for the largest players in the industry.  That means those large companies not only have money on their side, but time too.

International territories are being reached at appropriate intervals, while smaller rivals are missing out on promotion and sales.

However, the problem of a lack of marketing presence can be solved, with outsourced promotions – everything from focused feeds, web site updates and sales alerts to research services.

With offices in London and Auckland, Core Celeb is able to provide a few hours of expert staffing to do the marketing and promo tasks that would be too expensive if carried out by directly-employed night staff.

As such work is more about timing, rather than being time-consuming, you are likely to be surprised by how inexpensive it is to keep up with the market leaders.  To find out how Picsell Media can help, click here.