When creating “get the look” features there are some important rules you need to follow in terms of the etiquette to preserve your relationship with brand managers and PR companies, and possibly to avoid lawsuits.

1. Sidestep controversy – Using images which don’t show a celebrity in a good light is hardly a great promotion for the product, so you want to always use images which showcase the brand and aren’t intrusive or embarrassing.  It’s an obvious rule, but is worth repeating.

2. Never use knock-offs – As far as it is possible, you must never link a brand item to a retailer which sells knock-offs, or to any product which is a replica.  It seems like a simple matter, but to be really sure you should work only with reputable retailers and/or the brand’s official online store.

3. Use only similars for lower price alternatives – Very closely to rule 2.  When looking to link to low-cost alternatives to the expensive luxury brand item, make sure that the item you are using is not so close to the original that it looks like an attempted knock-off.  With simple, generic clothing items, such as denim jackets, there is probably some more leeway, but certainly not for items with very distinctive designs.

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