As image and news agencies get to grips with the challenges of the new year, here are a few ideas about things you could change to make life easier, and improve sales:

Curate to improve performance – Spewing unedited sets of images to potential buyers used to work once upon a time, but not this year. Make this the year you get to grips with your production and find ways to showcase your best images while minimising the rest.

Make the lives of your customers easier – Offer, or enhance, services such as image research and image ranking, and anticipate customer needs by creating sets of images that are ready to drop into their web pages. It all adds up to more revenue.

Embrace new revenue streams – Whether it’s marketing images displaying brands, or providing read-to-go image sets, or another idea, take the time to develop new revenue streams rather than simply relying on the old ones.

Make the most of social media – If you’re not using social media to promote your production and/or your successes, stop watching competitors steal a march on you.  Social media can not only build sales, it’s a great tool to recruit photographers and other contributors.

Outsource for efficiency – Cut costs and get work down 24/7.  It’s an industry that doesn’t stop, and lack of directly-employed staff doesn’t have to hold you back.

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