Sending too many images to prospective buyers is a cardinal sin, but often one that is committed due to lack of staff and time.  How do we know a Focused Feed of images – edited down to meet the target market, without overwhelming customers – is worthwhile?  And what can you do about focusing your image feeds?

The answer to the first question comes from frontline experience of seeing how clients have benefitted from the edited feeds. Universally, they have received positive feedback from their overworked customers who say they appreciate being able to look through what’s on offer quickly, and that they find it easier to buy.

In many cases this has meant that image feeds previously viewed by picture editors last each morning (and sometimes not at all) are the first to be considered for purchase.

What’s more, the experiment of turning on Focused Feeds, then seeing how things go without them, has been tried by one of our clients.  The result was a significant dip in sales as disgruntled customers complained about going back to the bad old days of lots of irrelevant imagery and overwhelming volume.  Once the Focused Feed was reinstated, sales picked up again.  Lesson learned.

To find out how to focus your image feeds and improve sales around the clock, contact us by clicking here.  We can talk you through how we can edit your images, and, where appropriate, arrange for a limited-time trial.  At the very least you will find out if the process works for your customers.

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