Interested in boosting image sales by 20%? That’s exactly the sort of thing smart retail is achieving for online sales – the same can be done for photo and video libraries.

Companies in the image licensing business are perpetually looking for more effective ways to give researchers what they want, with more relevant results. Better still, to anticipate client needs to promote images related to their research, or to events of the day.

Online retail search systems have been doing that sort of thing for some time now, with New Zealand-based SLI systems leading the way. Their Learning Search™ system uses artificial intelligence to learn from visitors’ site search activity and clickthroughs, to deliver the most relevant results — even through continually-changing news cycles, seasons and trends. By helping site visitors find what they want to license, Learning Search drives increased sales and greater customer loyalty, with case studies showing 20% higher order values.

  • One of the Kardashians has started going out with a brand new boyfriend – when researchers start looking for pictures of her, they are also offered images of him.
  • President Trump visits a disaster zone.  What about pictures of other presidents visiting previous disasters.
  • What are the best pictures you have of a woman eating an apple? Learning Search will work that out for you, based on what previous people have liked, and push those favoured images forward.

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