Although no one intends to hide images from their customers, it’s amazing what lengths people inadvertently go to achieving that outcome by mistake.  Here are some classic errors, and how to avoid them. 

Hide your images in plain sight – It is incredible how often excellent images are not brought to the attention of customers because the importance isn’t recognised by the photo agency concerned.  Make sure your metadata and editing staff know who is who and what is what, so that great images don’t go unnoticed.

Use a forest to hide the trees – Too many images make it difficult for customers to see what’s available. Edit your images, use focused feeds and timing of distribution so that you don’t overwhelm customers so they can’t see the wood for the trees.

Get the search called off – Have such poor keywording and metadata, that lots of irrelevant searches keep coming up, to the point that customers can’t be bothered to keep searching. You can counter this problem with good keywording, strict editing and providing free or even paid-for research services.

Use plain packaging – It’s the classic ruse to hide items from the authorities, but don’t do the equivalent by sending image sets out in folders with names which don’t reveal what’s inside. Having to open each folder is tedious, and leads to your images being shoved down the list when picture editors are looking at the latest shots.  Use folder names that quickly reveal what’s inside.

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