Running a photo agency is a difficult job, so it’s vital that managers have the ability to focus on the core business such as recruiting photographers, negotiating deals and working out marketing strategies.  The ability to maintain focus is a major benefit of outsourcing the nuts and bolts work to Picsell Media.

Whilst companies opting for outsourcing often focus on the money it might save, or the speed and amount of work being done, the benefit of better focus often becomes even more important.  This is especially so for photo agencies in the editorial space dealing with large amounts of incoming “live” images.

That is simply because many of the issues crowding the minds of managers are taken away. Here is a list of the sorts of problems that largely, if not entirely, disappear when outsourcing work such as metadata entry, image correction, image workflow, keywording, research and image promotion:

  • Hiring, firing and negotiating contracts with staff
  • Training staff, and retraining them when necessary
  • Thinking of and implementing ways of keeping staff
  • Managing staff duties
  • Ensuring there are enough staff on hand
  • Solving IT problems for staff using workstations
  • Responding to staff enquiries about various issues
  • Maintaining quality control
  • Having to pay wages/salaries, including dealing with the tax issues
  • Dealing with the myriad of problems trying to maintain 24/7 coverage

On top of these problems disappearing, there is greater freedom to implement sales and marketing strategies on the back of improved performance.

For all these reasons, many of our clients site the ability to focus on core business as the major benefit of working with us.  To find out more about our services, click here.