Picsell Media uses software from some of the biggest and best providers, working in and on their systems to deliver efficient results when entering metadata and managing image flow.  Here are three providers you might like to consider, particularly in conjunction with our services:

Mainstream Data Services (MSD) – This Utah-based company has an impressive line-up of customers, and covers distribution as well as web sites and image database back end.  They also work mobile-mediashowroomwith video and in the mobile space. As an end-to-end provider, enabling images to get from the camera to the client, they have built a particular reputation with large celebrity/news photo agencies.  And they have plenty of experience in that field themselves through their ownership of Newscom.  Picsell Media knows MSD very well and can offer labour solutions to maximise the impact of their product and get the work done.

Orange Logic – Started in New York in 1999, Orange Logic’s Cortex system is favoured by many stock phol1msc12oto libraries. They deliver good-looking web sites and massive database support, including the ability to construct integrated taxonomies.  We work for a number of clients using the Orange Logic platform and know how to construct and maintain taxonomies and manage keywording and metadata work as efficiently as possible.


Singula – UK-based Singula has found an excellent niche in the editorial photo market.  A smaller company than MSD or Orange Logic, they are particularly well-suited to small to medium-sized
paparazzi/editorial agencies and photographers, as their systems are straightforward and easy to use.  Again, we have extensive experience working with their platform which makes outsourcing workflow and metadata services to Picsell Media a painless task.

To find out more about how we can help you with any of these systems by providing workflow, editing, metadata and keywording services, just click here.