If asked how many brands could be identified in their images, it is doubtful many photo/news agency managers would be able to give anything like an accurate answer.

Such a total is based on two important figures – how many images contain any identifiable brands, and within that number how many brands can be identified per image.  Within that, there are two other important statistics – the number of saleable brands identified, and the number of trend-setting celebrities wearing and/or using those brands.

To maximise the brand yield, it is not just a matter of adding keywords whenever a pair of easily-identified Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses appear, on any C-list celebrity.  It requires taking the job seriously, using dedicated staff to match information, and knowledge from experience to find all that can be reasonably found that is worth finding.

If brand identification is just an incidental add-on, it is unlikely much use is being made of the information anyway – so yields are almost certainly low.

When doing intense brand identification, it is common to find half a dozen brands per image, although the proportion of images worth keywording is very much dictated by the celebrities and the occasion.  The long and short of it is that a team of focused specialists is needed to maximise brand yield in an image library.

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