Sports bib keywording – identifying participants in marathons etc – provides new opportunities for monetising images by recording the brands appearing in them.

Here are a few ways such information can be used:

  • Advertising use  Depending on the release that participants sign before the event, there may be opportunities to license the very best images for advertising purposes, with the advertiser’s brand prominently displayed.
  • PR use  This is a little more subtle, but as there is a real event, it is a ready-made PR opportunity.  And PR needs pictures.
  • Social Media  Having this pre-programmed, means that the brand promoter can be tweeting and posting within an hour or so of the event finishing, or possibly during the event itself.
  • Event publicity  Images which can be used for promotion of subsequent events, paid for by the company whose brand is prominently displayed.
  • Statistics gathering  By collating the brands identified, you can provide clothing and equipment companies with useful and quotable statistics.

To maximise such opportunities, you need to do the leg work of contacting the brand managers, advertising and/or PR companies in advance.  This enables the promotional value of the images to be maximised by their immediacy, and also means that you know the whole idea is worthwhile because potential clients are already onboard.

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