Celebrity brand images are the perfect ammunition for fashion editors and others to show what styles are in this season, which fashion-conscious celebs are leading the latest trends and what are the most popular fashion items – but why stop there?

Just as there are trends in clothing, handbags and shoes, there are trends in other consumer items big and small – everything from mobile phones and skateboards to bicycles and SUVs, even planes and boats.  Not to mention the trendiest places to go, such as restaurants, gyms and hair salons.

So when preparing galleries of images to license, or suggesting a theme search to an image buyer, don’t let your thoughts end at the fashion editor’s desktop – think about motoring, fitness, lifestyle and other sections of publications and blogs.  Seek out specialist blogs to make suggestions about what the coolest celebrities are riding when they go mountain biking, or what headphone brands they prefer.  The options are almost endless.

What’s more, it is possible to turn those galleries into advertising features, or sell advertising around them.  All you have to work out is which celebrities are using which brands.  To find out how we can help you with celebrity brand identification and keywording, click here.