For a world where there is a picture buyer awake every minute of the day somewhere on the planet, promoting images shouldn’t be something that ceases at 5pm every weekday.  That’s where Core Celeb’s 24/7 service becomes invaluable.

Especially for celebrity/editorial imagery, some of the most saleable images are likely to be created while main office staff are asleep.  That wouldn’t be such a big deal if everyone operated only in office hours, but it is more and more the norm that photo/news agencies are at least processing and sending out new images around the clock.

What is less likely though is for promotional activities to be carried on at the same time.  Often people working at night, or filling time gaps in obscure territories are charged just with cleaning up the images, writing some metadata and getting the images on the market.  The people who do sales alerts, emails and change the promo sections of the agency website, are rarely paid to work nights.

And also, to be fair, sometimes the non-office hours produce less saleable material, making it uneconomic to have someone doing promotions at those times.

The solution to this dilemma is to outsource promotional activities to Core Celeb.  We can do sales alerts by email, on social media and via your web site – being paid per unit of work, not by the hour.  Feeds of images can be edited and targeted with our Focused Feed service.

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