It’s not just fancy fashion houses that live off their brands.  The mundane and the worthy also benefit from being seen with or near celebrities.

Forget slingbacks, handbags and halter-necks – we’re talking about construction companies, not-for-profit organisations and event sponsors. Wittingly or unwittingly, a celebrity could bring publicity to trucking firms, political groups, aid charities, and governmental organisations just by standing in the right place.

Signs and logos for all manner of companies and organisations are everywhere.  Just because the celebrity isn’t using the product or service of the company, doesn’t mean there isn’t a benefit from the image being seen in the background.  This concept is well known in sports, where millions are paid to have advertising hoardings at sports grounds so they can show up in the background during play.

While there is an obvious pay off for a commercial entity, worthy organisations such as Greenpeace, UNHCR and Amnesty International are hugely helped by being identified with celebrities, which can help in the solicitation of official funding or get dollars in donations from the public.

When looking for brand image sales, don’t just look at what the stars are using and wearing.  The background sign or logo right next to them might be just as valuable.  All you have to do is keyword the association into your images.  To find out more about our brand services, click here.