Being first with the news isn’t always best, as deadlines become more and more complex amongst the many forms of publications, both physical and electronic.  Working out the right mix of delivery deadlines for the latest images can help you maximise sales.

In the days of print-only publications – and normally ones in the same country at that – it was a relatively simple matter of getting images to meet a series of set deadlines during the day.  For magazines there was usually a magic day of the week, or month, for the latest material to make the cut.

But as the ability to publish on the internet becomes easier, publications and blogs go global, and updates occur much more frequently around the clock, assessing when to send what is a big headache.

The default, of course, is to send everything to everybody as soon as it arrives.  But in doing so, photo agencies are putting the onus on overworked photo editors and bloggers to sift through all the images and find what they want to fit their deadlines.

Given the sea of imagery which roles in everyday, it is a much better strategy for the right content to be sent to the right people at the right time, all the time.  If an entertainment page on an internet publication updates at 3pm every weekday, you want to be sending images to the person responsible for that page at the time they’re looking for material, not too early, and not too late.  Sports pics normally go out immediately a game is played, but a fan blog might not update for a couple of days.  Sending your images to that blog to meet the later deadline could make a big difference.

Such curation of image feeds is the future.  To find out more about how Picsell Media can help with that, click here.