The duplication of effort involved in preparing galleries of celebrity and news images for blogs and web sites presents a sales opportunity for switched on photo agencies.

The size of that opportunity was brought home by a former client working on the digital edition of a major magazine.  She noticed one day that she, and four other people at sister publications, were editing and publishing galleries of images of the exact same celebrity event.

It would have been much more efficient if one person had done the job for all the publications.  Better still if she could have downloaded a ready-made gallery of the event, which a photo agency had curated to match the territory and interests of her publication.

This presents a chance for photo agencies to charge a little more for ready-made galleries as part of a subscription deal or for one-off purchases – more than paid for by saving customers staff costs, and the ability for them to get the images online faster.

Core Celeb can help set up and run such a system, or work with publishers directly, using its trained editing staff who work around the clock.

Such a service can dovetail into other promotional services too, producing galleries of images matching a particular theme.  These can save digital image editors a heap of time and brain work by throwing up interesting and newsy ideas, as well as the images.  One of the world’s biggest photo libraries does exactly that, earning goodwill from customers as well as sales.

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