There are some fantastic image library web sites which focus on the latest pictures of fashion – fashion shows, street fashion, star style and more.  That really is great, and fantastic for picture editors wanting to do a story about the latest fashion trends, what was new at Spring/Summer fashion shows or which stars like wearing boots. But often there is also something missing – brand keywords! 

While in a fashion show the brand and the designer are a given, there are even greater opportunities for licensing images to PRs or for use in social media if the brand is identified and keyworded.

On average, our team finds a handful of brand items in images we submit for use by companies which do get-the-look features. And a significant proportion of all celebrity candid images will have identifiable brands.

The reason the street images are so valuable is that they show items that consumers can readily imagine themselves buying and wearing.  That is partly because the fashion is more conservative, but also because they are seen actually on the street.  This is why street style imagery is proving a popular alternative to star style.

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