Introducing the world’s largest supercomputer used at Picsell Media – the human brain.  When it comes to working with images, you can’t do better.

There’s a lot of talk these days about automating tasks in the picture business by using artificial intelligence.  But the common or garden brain is still way ahead of the greatest supercomputers.

According to ScienceABC:

“In 2014, some clever researchers in Japan tried to match the processing power in one second from one percent of the brain. That doesn’t sound like very much, and yet it took the 4th fastest supercomputer in the world (the K Computer) 40 minutes to crunch the calculations for a single second of brain activity!

“[Also] brains are very different from computers…. Life itself is much smarter than computers.  For example, the brain is both hardware and software, whereas there is an inherent difference in computers.  The same interconnected areas, linked by billions of neurons and perhaps trillions of glial cells, can perceive, interpret, store, analyze, and redistribute at the same time. Computers, by their very definition and fundamental design, have some parts for processing and others for memory; the brain doesn’t make that separation, which makes it hugely efficient.”

So no wonder when it comes to complex tasks such as editing image sets using judgment, the human brain is vastly superior to any computer.  That’s why staff working for Core Celeb can edit image feeds, carry out research and produce sales alerts which hit the target far more efficiently than automated systems set up by image agencies that only have standard computers, not supercomputers.

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