When looking for brands in celebrity images and videos, which are most likely to make money – Candid or Event?  Here are the pros and cons, and a conclusion:

Event Images/Videos

Available targets? – Given that a red carpet event in particular is like shooting fish in a barrel, it is possible to get dozens of celebrities wearing various brands, all in an hour or two.  This makes covering events very efficient.
Competition? – Unfortunately, the flip side to having many targets is that there is a lot of competition from other photographers and their agencies.
Range of brands? – Given the nature of most events. the brands tend to focus on fashion and accessories.  They are hugely important though.
Saleability of brands? – Fashion is hugely important, but the clothing worn by female celebrities is often evening wear, and often not available in stores.  This limits the saleability of brand items to the general public.
Potential for enhancement? – Getting shots which better show off brand items is certainly possible – close-ups of watches, jewellery and handbags for instance – but you have to be quick.

Candid Images/Videos

Available targets? – There are definite limits when taking street shots of a particular celebrity, couple or group.  The most celebrities you can take a picture of is likely to be no more than a handful, and even that is relatively rare.  And you may have to spend several hours to get the right shots.
Competition? – The flip side is that you are far less likely to have a lot of other photographers getting the same shots.  Indeed, there is a possibility of getting an exclusive.
Range of brands? – As well as fashion, you can expect sports gear, baby buggies, drink bottles, cars, mobile phones, gymnasiums and much more.
Saleability of brands? – Because the items are being used in “real life” consumers are more able to relate to them, and most importantly, buy them.  This makes brands in candid images perfect for retailers.
Potential for enhancement? – Because there are opportunities for different angles, and time to go back to the scene later, it is possible to get great GVs, shots of signs, logos and much more.

Although not a runaway winner, candid images and video provide more sales opportunites, which is the most important factor.  Although it isn’t possible to get shots of as many celebrities, the range of brands and the relevance to the public outweigh the efficiency of working events.  Less competition between photographers/videographers is an added advantage for candid shots.

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