Want to sell celebrity images to brand-promoting PR companies?  One way is to publicise that your images contain brand links by putting them on social media.

As well as promoting specific images, and the photo agency’s general profile with picture editors and photographers, you can make it known to PR companies that you are finding the sort of images they want.

As the images will appear on social media, with a line underneath mentioning the brand of the necklace, baby stroller, clutch or other item, it is possible to link to the social media presence of the brands themselves and/or the PR firms.  The “viral” method of dissemination can also be relied on. Be sure to include the name and/or logo of your photo agency on or under the image, along with a watermark.

Over time, this may well get you recognised by osmosis as a photo agency worth working with. Alternatively, it can serve to make it easier to open a conversation with the relevant PR people, or the brand directly, based on the social media credibility already built up.

All that’s necessary to get off the starting line is to have the brand associations recognised through brand keywording. To find out more about how that works, click here.