Huge numbers of celebrity images contain brand information, even if the photographer and their agents don’t realise.  The question isn’t so much if it can be found (it can) but who will benefit from those links.

Those who have identified the links can profit from them by licensing them to PR firms, brand managers and retailers paying for get-the-look features.  An image with identifiable brands that celebrities use and wear therefore has a potentially higher value than those that don’t.

But there is nothing to stop someone licensing such an image at a bargain-basement rate and then using it for a high-value purpose.  To stop losing out on such revenue, here are three important measures you can take:

  1. Identify the brands in the first place.  Without this step you have no way of finding or selling the brands.
  2. Find and sell the images to those with an interest in brands as early as possible to beat others in the market.
  3. Establish links with brand image re-sellers and re-users, such as those publishing get-the-look features, to establish regular brand sales channels.

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