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Learning Lessons From Smart Retail

Interested in boosting image sales by 20%? That's exactly the sort of thing smart retail is achieving for online sales - the same can be done for photo and video libraries. Companies in the image licensing business are perpetually looking for more effective ways to...

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How to Beat Production Fatigue

Tired, listless, lacking focus? You could be suffering from production fatigue. Never heard of the term?  Put simply, it's the inability to focus on important parts of the business because you're bogged down in production details. In the image business,...

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The Hidden Cost Of Staff

When weighing up the price of outsourcing, it's easy to miss the hidden costs of existing staff or of ones you're thinking of hiring. The surest way to get those sums wrong is to focus on the hourly pay rate. Whilst the whole cost is included in a quote...

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Make Your Hero Images Super

The hero image - the representative first image that customers see when looking through sets - is vital to promoting sales.  Here's how to make hero images into superheroes: Make picking hero images a deliberate choice, don't just go with the first image,...

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Helping Avoid the Production Squeeze

As the number of images being filed continues to grow, many photo agencies are facing a production squeeze - too many images, not enough time to process them. That means metadata is skimpy, perhaps wrong, there's little or no keywording, and likely there...

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The Smart Way To Use AI For Images

There is a wave of enthusiasm for artificial intelligence which is engulfing the image business. All the promos sound incredible - yet the reality is somewhat different - if you don't know how to make the best use of it that is. On a recent trip to meet clients in the...

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A Brand New Approach

Imagine a service that brings together photo agencies, PR companies, retailers and publishers to create the revenue streams from brands appearing in celebrity images - the revenue streams so often promised, but not so often delivered. Now Branded Camera is developing...

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What Are You Waiting For?

We’ve all heard the saying: “feel the fear, and do it anyway”. But that’s definitely one of those that is easier said than done. Here are some common reasons why photo agency managers/owners tend to put off making necessary changes, and why they might want to look at...

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Taxonomy Too Taxing?

Creating a great taxonomy for keywording is a never-ending job.  Just when you think you've got your vocab perfect - along comes another word, and another, and another. You'd think that by now there would be plenty of taxonomies with every word in the English...

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