Poor targeting of image feeds sent to sub-agents and resellers can be costly, but there are ways of avoiding that mistake.

With photo and news agencies having complex webs of sellers throughout the world, it has never been more important to give them exactly the images they need.  In many cases, photo agents address that requirement by simply sending everything.

However with sub-agents reducing staff, the work spent sifting through “everything” is often not available.  The result is that good images go unfound, and sales go unmade.  This problem is particularly acute for photo agencies covering news, sports and celebrity, with specialist re-sellers in each market.  In each territory there can be a multiplication of effort required and a multiplication of sales losses.

There is an alternative though, which is to edit the feed as it goes out, splitting it into the right subject areas, so that every sub-agent and re-seller gets what they need and no more.  Not only will that enable the sellers to find what they need easier and faster, it will stop them ignoring a large image feed entirely in favour of other single-focus agencies which only send the content needed.  The bigger the feed, the bigger the problem.

More than that, the content can be curated so that the images meet territorial requirements as well.  No more photos of cricketers sent to the US, or obscure Canadian Ice Hockey players to Britain.  That will further reinforce the reputation of the image feed and the agency generally.

Picsell Media works with major photo agencies to provide Focused Feeds which make all this possible, 24/7, at a reasonable cost.  To find out more, click here.