When it comes to taking celebrity pictures at an event or in the field, sales success can be measured in minutes – lagging behind the other photographers in getting images to the market can be disastrous. Now you can have Picsell Media on your side.

While photographers working with the biggest photo agencies may have automatic feeds and a picture desk team ready to edit, crop, colour correct and send out their images, many others have to rely on their own wits and effort. Often it’s a losing battle, especially when photographers struggling to earn a decent living have to get their shots to multiple agencies at once.  So many images, so little time.

There are few things as disheartening as working your guts out for several hours only to find the images didn’t make appreciable sales because they didn’t arrive on the market at the same time as competitors or the images weren’ well enough edited to be acceptable.

Picsell Media is now offering a 24/7 service to help photographers on the frontline match it with the big boys.  Our picture teams in New Zealand and South Africa can do all the editing, metadata, correction and distribution work after receiving images via FTP or WeTransfer. With experience working for the biggest names in the business, including Splash, Mega, Backgrid and AP, the money shots are in good hands.

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