Imagine a service that brings together photo agencies, PR companies, retailers and publishers to create the revenue streams from brands appearing in celebrity images – the revenue streams so often promised, but not so often delivered. Now Branded Camera is developing the sort of interconnections that are so urgently needed.

The disconnection between promise and delivery occurs predominantly because the various players in the business tend to work alone. PR companies know how to publicise images and work social media, but have trouble finding images with the appropriate brands identified. Photo agencies have plenty of images with brands in them, but rarely take the time to identify them. Publishers and retailers are often out of the loop entirely, particularly in markets outside the US and UK.

Meanwhile, there are companies devoted to setting up complex deals with celebrities to stage brand connections by having the famous use their products. Such deals are complicated, and tend to lack the authenticity of real life paparazzi photographs and videos.

Branded Camera is using experience with all of the players to enable the sort of cooperation that can be achieved.

If you’d like to find out more about the services being offered as they come on stream, click here.

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