One of the major differences between high-quality stock keywording, and the rest, is the system of quality control.

In many cases the level of QC is no level at all. This can be due to a lack of money, but also because the library/agency does not have the personnel to do the work, nor a proper QC system.

In recent years this problem has become worse due to libraries leaving it to photographers to take a DIY approach. Unfortunately the quality control at the library end is again non-existent or completely overwhelmed.

The sort of bad keywording that gets through as a result can make libraries hard to search, with irrelevant results coming up, while appropriate images go missing – all leading to poor customer retention and flagging sales.

The best quality control involves an active system of feedback to keyworders so that there is a success loop whereby they improve their performance, which in turns reduces the time needing to be spent on QC. ¬†This needs to be systemised and constantly monitored to make sure standards don’t revert.

In terms of keeping costs down, you can avoid QC’ing¬†every image by strategic sampling and mapping against staff performance.

To find out more about Picsell Media’s quality-controlled keywording, click here.

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