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Just Add Staff - Less Hassle, More Savings

Recruiting staff is always a hassle, and carries unwelcome costs.  Not just wages, but technology, training, overheads, management time and much more.  Picsell Media can take away the hassle, and provide staff at a cost lower than equivalents in the UK, Europe, the US and Australia.


Temporary Staff

Cover illness, maternity leave, one-off projects, short term tasks

Overnight Staff

Have tasks carried out fully supervised, while you sleep,

Long Term Staff

Add to your team without the cost of recruitment, overheads and more

Here’s How It Works

Whenever you need temporary, overnight or long term staff, get in touch with us and we’ll organise to cover the times you need, or in the case of long term staff, assign or hire the people required.

When on shift for the assigned times, these will be your staff, working at your direction or the delegated direction of our supervising staff, solely for your company.  All staff members will be university graduates with relevant qualifications, working from offices in Auckland or London.

In each case, you will be charged according to the length of the contract and the volume of work.  The more the cheaper.

Picsell Media has a proven track record of finding, hiring and managing staff, and can supply all necessary computers, internet connection, offices and other support.

Amongst other things, Just Add Staff can cover you for the following tasks:

All the functions of a standard image desk, including editing, colour correction, cropping, rights management, managing exclusives on hold, distribution and more. Do you need to boost staff numbers or outsource completely? Is there a time of the day or night you don’t cover now, that you’d like to?  Here is the answer without the need for hiring permanent staff.
Images don’t sell themselves, but it it might not be cost-effective to have people promoting your images full time. We have solutions to get your images noticed, with no need to hire permanent staff for tasks that might be done sporadically across the 24-hour news day. Services include focused feeds where new production is edited to better matches client requirements based on volume of images, preferred content and territory, sales alerts sent by email or added to your web site highlighting the best new content, ready-made galleries of content which image buyers can use without having to spend time or effort on the editing process, and ratings added to images/video to help buyers quickly find the best content.
Now you can offer a research service to your clients around the clock. You only pay for the research time actually spent, so this is a service that works for all clients, no matter how big or small.  For overburdened picture editors and bloggers, this is a huge plus and will increase their spend and turn them into repeat customers.
Building and/or maintaining a taxonomy is the sort of job that lends itself to outsourcing. We can take care of one-off taxonomy creation projects, and make sure that your taxonomy stays up-to-date and relevant with regular vocabulary maintenance.
The value of archive images and videos varies widely.  Image triage is a service where our experienced team sorts content into the good, the bad and the ugly, allowing the best content to be promoted and keyworded to the highest level, whilst adding lesser (or no) metadata to the rest. This not only leads to significant savings in time and money, it also produces superior search results for those using the archive.
How can you make more money out of the image business, save on costs, or make processes more efficient? We can help you create a plan for doing all of those things, and more, in conjunction with outside partners.
To talk over the possibilities, call us:
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