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Adding staff to the payroll can be a harrowing and costly experience, whether looking to fill a temporary position, getting work done overnight or adding permanent staff.  Now Picsell Media can take away the pain and ease the cost, while delivering top quality staff in New Zealand.

Just Add Staff, or JAS for short, builds on Picsell Media’s reputation for supplying outsourced services to assist the image business – everything from editing and providing a virtual picture desk, through to keywording, image rankings and much more.  What’s different with JAS, is that the staff are completely under the direction of customers for whatever they require, rather than carrying out specific tasks.

This is much more like a standard BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) model, where outsourcing is measured by staffing levels, not the tasks themselves.  This relieves customers from the burden of finding, hiring, contracting and supervising staff.  The cost of computers, broadband internet, office space, and holiday cover are also included.

Unlike in the case of outsourcing to the Philippines, India or Eastern Europe, JAS staff are almost all university graduates who have English as their native language.  And they are from a company which prides itself on high standards of service delivery in the industry.

Packages available include temporary staff for special projects or to fill maternity leave, overnight staff (supervised) to carry out tasks ready for the next morning, and permanent staff billed at a fixed cost per month.

With many photo agencies keen to balance budgets, and without the time to spend hiring and firing, JAS is an excellent solution, opening up possibilities for even the smallest companies.

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