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Prospective clients often wonder if they really have the sort of images that contain many saleable brands in them.  Our 1,000 Image Challenge will answer the question, for free.

All you have to do is contact us to arrange to send us a recent sample of 1,000 of your images via FTP.  We’ll look at them and work out what sort of percentage of images contain brands that might be of interest to PR companies, social media marketers and more.

Doubting the brand content of images is certainly a legitimate concern, but often it’s due to not knowing what, where, when and how to find the brands.  Potential clients who take our challenge are usually pleasantly surprised by how many images contain identifiable brands, even when no logos or trademarks are visible.

Even more surprising is how often we can find images with a handful (or more) of brand items.

To  undertake the challenge, click here.