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Represent a brand or in charge of its publicity, but struggling to know when celebrities are wearing or using that brand?  A new innovation from can keep your finger on the pulse.  

Brandlink – launched this week – enables businesses to register what stars are associated with their brands so that in turn they can be alerted to appropriate images.

In many cases there are celebrity brand ambassadors, celebrities to whom product is given, or stars who have a liking for a brand.  By supplying this information directly to the company which adds brand keywords, those in charge of PR and brand awareness can be kept informed of what is turning up in the latest image feeds.

Whether its, clothes, pet accessories, handbags, baby buggies, sports gear, cars or other items, will find the brand connections based on the information supplied – at no cost.  From there, brand publicisers can license images from the appropriate rights holders for use in print, web sites and social media.

The service bridges a yawning gap in the information chain where brand publicisers know who is likely to be wearing their sunglasses, carrying their handbags or driving their cars, but don’t have an efficient way of finding the images showing that – particularly across the news day spanning 24 hours. looks for celebrity brand images around the clock.

To register for the service, simply go to the Brandlink page and fill in the form listing up to four brands at a time.  That information will go into our database and will be used on a confidential basis to send back regular emails letting you know what pictures have just come in that you might be interested in.  Information can be updated or amended at any time.